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The process of recruiting one or more employees takes place through dozens of channels. The goal of recruitment is to fill the desired function as quickly as possible by the right person. The shortlist usually contains a maximum of 5 candidates, from which the employer then selects the most suitable one.



A method to find a highly qualified candidate for a selected position according to the exact requirements of the employer. The process of contacting people uses a close network of relationships, direct references and active work with databases. The resulting shortlist contains only a few candidates who are selected according to the strictest criteria.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing

The complete process runs from addressing new employees, precise definition of requirements and finding a number of suitable candidates, through to the first round of the selection process to the interview held in your company. Our company becomes an external part of the HR department of your company and helps make the process of recruiting new people more efficient.

The portfolio of our services has been assembled, based on the requirements of our clients. We now know what services the market is most interested in and that's why we have focused on them.

While an ordinary work agency or personnel agency concentrates on quantity, we concentrate mainly on the quality of employees found.

“In providing our services we follow the process analysis – search – verification – presentation – placing”

We analyse your requirements for an employee. Then we actively contact people on the market either by advertising or by using our internal database, which contains hundreds of thousands of contacts and with dozens more activities, we will find you the most suitable candidates.

We verify the selected applicants and invite them to interviews, where among other things we create a psychological profile of them. We present the most suitable candidates electronically or in person. The final step is for you to select your future employee from the offer.

We know that the market is constantly developing and the conditions are changing. That is why we perform regular salary surveys by position, pay benchmarking, salary competitiveness, but also of the availability of workforce and employee satisfaction.

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