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At Headscout, we also respect employees and employers. A professional partnership is important for us when you become part of your growth with our understanding and expertise. Only in this way can we provide you with our services quickly and offer you the most appropriate candidates for the required positions.

Personal references are an important factor for us in building our image in the eyes of our clients. They consider us to be part of the recruitment of new employees due to our taking into account their business plans in connection with our knowledge of the market in human resources.

“In dozens of projects all around Europe we optimized our processes for maximum cost savings and maximum results orientation.”

That’s one of the reasons why LinkedIn, the largest HR network on the planet ranked us over 12 months (September 2016 - September 2017) as one of the most successful recruitment companies in the world.

LinkedIn based its evaluation on categories like success in filling positions, quality of candidates, maintaining relations a conversion rates.


Ondrej Ivan
Dr. Ondrej IVAN, PhD.
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
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